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What is Treatment?

Treatment is a process that occurs when you begin talking about the prominent issues in your life. A therapeutic relationship develops based on trust between you and your therapist. Knowing there is an objective and caring professional to address the challenges you present makes it easier to try to solve problems. Together we will explore alternative ways to cope with the difficulties you are facing so it becomes easier to deal with things one step at a time.

Often people entering treatment feel embarrassed that they are unable to solve a problem on their own or without the input of a professional. Like other medical problems for which we seek treatment, psychological treatment needs to be viewed in the same way. Emotional pain is often just as hurtful as physiological pain and the most effective way to feel better is to get treatment. We understand that discussing difficult issues can get uncomfortable at times, and we try to provide an atmosphere where you will feel emotionally safe. Often the most difficult part of treatment is making the initial contact. Don’t let that stop you from getting the assistance that can make a significant difference in your life.


How Long Does Treatment Last?

The length of time for treatment will vary based on the severity and complexity of the problem. Sometimes therapy can be very brief and much can be accomplished in as little as a single visit; with more involved issues, it can take longer. This issue should be addressed at the time of your initial contact.