Animal Assisted Therapy

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. (Martin Buber)

Sophie working her magic.
Sophie working her magic.
Over the course of the past forty years, utilizing therapy animals in healthcare has grown. The health benefits of pet ownership have also been well documented and, for those that are able to build a bond with a pet, the benefits are numerous. Animal assisted therapy can help increase confidence, self-esteem, improve interpersonal relationships and reduce overall stress levels.Through the support that a support animal can provide, an individual’s overall sense of well being can improve.

Our office provides animal assisted therapy with a pet therapy dog. We recognize that not everyone feels comfortable with a pet or may be highly sensitive or allergic. Please let us know when you call for an appointment if you have these special needs so that we can direct you to the appropriate clinician.

For more information about Animal Assisted Therapy, visit these websites: – Best Friends for Life: Humane Housing for Animals and People