Medically Related Concerns

Have you had a medical condition that has made you feel:

  • Anxious
  • Fearful of the future
  • Sad
  • Unable to Cope
  • Immobilized

Research has demonstrated a strong relationship between our mind and body.While emotions can contribute to medical issues, medical issues can also result in stress, depression, substance use or other behavioral consequences. These issues can often leave an individual feeling frustrated, upset, and confused about what the future will bring. Our staff is sensitive to the interconnections between feelings, behavior, health, and illness.

If you would like assistance in gaining a better understanding of these relationships and how this may be impacting your life, let us help. We have worked with individuals with many different types of illnesses and will be happy to coordinate our work with your physician. We offer support with stress management, addressing lifestyle changes that might be necessary for developing a healthier life, as well as providing coping skills for managing chronic illness.