Gay & Lesbian Students: Understanding Their Needs

Promoting an awareness of the problems encountered by Gay and Lesbian adolescents in the educational setting, this book explores the effects of these problems on the dropout rate, academic achievement, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, AIDS, school violence and suicide. Designed to foster understanding and dispel myths about Gay and Lesbian teenagers, this book is appropriate for all school-related personnel and the educators who provide their training.

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Training for Professionals Who Work with Gays & Lesbians in Educational & Workplace Settings

This manual is written for trainers, both in the private and public sectors, who are responsible for educating employees about Gay and Lesbian issues that directly or indirectly affect organizations in educational or workplace settings.

There are compelling reasons for addressing Gay and Lesbian issues in educational and workplace settings. Many Gays and Lesbians are victims of prejudice, discrimination and violent behavior that is motivated by fear, misinformation, and/or lack of knowledge. Unsafe environments in education and in the workplace can have negative effects on the productivity and creativity of personnel and interpersonal relationships.

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