We all know them, and whether we talk about being in one, wanting to be in one or wanting to get out of one, it is a popular topic to discuss, share, brag, or complain about.

What we are talking about when we bring up the word relationship? There are relationships with friends, different friends different relationships, relationships with co-workers, relationships with children, relationships with their friends, relationships with family members, the list goes on. And, let’s not forget relationships with our pets. So what is it about our relationships that make them so important?

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardens who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust (1877-1922) French Novelist

Since we are all different and relationships represent something different for all of us there are some common things to consider.

1. Why is this person in your life, and what importance have you given them?
2. Is it a reciprocal relationship and are your expectations being met?
3. If there is disappointment in the relationship have you communicated your thoughts and feelings?
4. Are your expectations of the other person and the relationship realistic: and if not, can you adjust those expectations? And this pertains to employees, co-workers and children as well.
5. Does the other person know what your expectations are and is that person/people capable of filling those?
6. Why are you staying in a relationship that is not working for you, and what are the benefits and consequences of staying in a situation that does not make you happy or fulfilled?

While there may be many things to consider as it pertains to your relationship/relationships, the bottom line is that each person brings different things to our lives. While you may not have that significant other you seek just now, the people around you bringing you joy, love, support and companionship may be just what you need, instead of the vision you want at the time or feel you are missing, or what you would like to have. As the song goes, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Never discount their significance in your life.

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