Some of the workshops that we offer include:

  • Dealing with Bullying
  • Uniquely U: Building Confidence, Self-esteem, Communication, and Leadership Skills for Teens and Young People
  • Healing from Divorce
  • Caring for the Caregiver
  • Health Psychology – Maintaining Your Health and Wellness
  • ACT Training

Let us sit down well with you to help you personalize the workshop that suits the individual needs of your organization, students, or employees.


ACT Training:

The Adults and Children Together Against Violence (ACT) Program was developed by the American Psychological Association and is designed to educate families to create safe and healthy environments for their children. This program was created to protect children from violence and its consequences. Focusing on managing anger, resolving conflicts, discipline, and media violence, this program helps parents and other adults learn to model positive behaviors for their children and how to manage children’s access to violent media.